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March 2019 Prayer request

By Mother Erin on March 01, 2019 0 Comments

This month, in lieu of a Reflection from the Rector, I want to draw your attention to a very important prayer request.  This is a note from JoyDawn Miller, the liaison to our mission work in Haiti.  I am continually grateful for her work that connects us to Tab... Read more »

Reflections from the Rector - February 2019

By Mother Erin on February 01, 2019 0 Comments

This month, we sit in that middle place between the rush of energy that comes with the new year and the shift we will make in March toward the solemn season in Lent.  The Sundays go on, week after week, green vestment after green vestment, and you migh... Read more »

From the Youth Minister's Desk

By Caity Dowing on January 04, 2019 1 Comment

I’m so excited to continue to grow in my service to the youth of our church! Beginning this month we will transition our meetings from bi-weekly to weekly! Our Elementary Youth will meet every Sunday from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. and our Jr. High & High School You... Read more »

Reflections from the Rector - January 2019

By Mother Erin on January 04, 2019 0 Comments

This is the time of year when I can’t check my e-mail without having to dodge the barrage of advertisements that promise me that if I will just purchase a product, or take on a New Year’s resolution, or believe enough in myself, I will finally experience havi... Read more »

Reflections from the Rector - December 2018

By Mother Erin on December 07, 2018 0 Comments

I can’t believe it has been almost a month since the Celebration of New Ministry!  I want to take this time, and use this space, to offer a word of gratitude. Thank you so much for my oil stock.  It is so fitting that, for the rest of my life, I wil... Read more »

Reflections from the Rector - November 2018

By Mother Erin on November 02, 2018 1 Comment

In just a little over a week, we will have a Celebration of New Ministry, which will officially welcome me as the new rector at St. Luke’s.  I am reminded today—as I frantically finish the bulletin!—that this is not a celebration of Erin ... Read more »

Reflections from the Rector - October 2018

By Mother Erin on October 05, 2018 0 Comments

 This week, I was able to be at Clergy Conference with the Diocese of Oklahoma. I loved my first Clergy Conference in my new diocese! I enjoyed and gave thanks to God for the beauty and hospitality offered to us by St. Crispin’s, our diocesan camp in Wewoka. I... Read more »

Reflections from the Rector - September 2018

By Mother Erin on September 01, 2018 0 Comments

I once sat in on a marriage counseling session, because I needed to learn how it was done! My rector at the time talked the couple through the idea that relationships have seasons (and they don’t always match up with what we feel outside): summer, autumn, wint... Read more »

Reflections from the Rector - August 2018

By Mother Erin on August 03, 2018 0 Comments

Over the past few months, I have been working with Vestry member Deanna Compton to get the logo to the left made for use in publications, on signs, and for various fun items for us and for visitors. We were given a few options from the company I hired, and the Vestry vot... Read more »

July 2018 Reflections from the Rector

By Mother Erin on July 02, 2018 1 Comment

We are now in that dead middle of summer. This heat can drive even the most outdoorsy of us into the cool, manufactured breeze of an air conditioner. With sweat accumulating even in the early morning hours, it is no surprise why so many of us want to be inside. I find t... Read more »