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My Take On Stewardship

Posted by Michael Riden on December 06, 2013 0 Comments

According to the Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms,  stewardship is "the responsibility given to humans in creation for managing the resources of the earth."

In everyday life terms: stewardship drives are that time in a church year when budgets are written, financial pledges are given, and commitments of time and talent are made. 

I usually don't enjoy the stewardship time of year.  It can be hard hearing how important it is to give financially to the church, when you don't have much to give.  This year, though, as I listened to others share what stewardship meant to them--I did so as well.  

So, finally, I came to this:  I began serving as an acolyte when I was 6 yrs old.  I first read a lesson in the service when I was 12.  I first carried a chalice when I was 18 and I've served as layreader and chalicifer in two different parishes.  I started teaching Sunday school the year I turned 32, and then I became a youth minister at 34.  I have spent many joyful hours serving--in vestments and out, scheduled and unscheduled--and I hope to keep doing so for many years.  I have given those hours to my church and to God.

That is where stewardship finds a home in my heart--in knowing that I do have something to give.  I may never have much to give my church financially, but I can always give of myself.  

Time.  Talent.  Self.  It occurs to me that that's what Jesus gave the most of to his ministry as well, and that's never a bad model to follow.

Cheers, love, and God bless,


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