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Adult I

Teacher: Stan Thompson
Location: A-200

Our Journey 1

Teacher: Jaycob Kramer
Location: A-202
Note: Young Couples

Young Singles

Teacher: Shane Jones
Location: A-203

Truth Seekers

Teacher: Ronnie Halpine
Location: A-201

Ladies Class

Teacher: Terease Holmes
Location: A-204

Our Journey 3

Teacher: Kevin Thornton
Location: A-206
Note: Parents with teenage kids

Mary & Martha

Teacher: Susie Irving
Location: A-207

Adult III

Teacher: Bill Thompson
Location: A-208

Revelation Class

Teacher: Ron Matlock
Location: A-209

Young at Heart

Teacher: Pat Threat
Location: A-210
Note: Ladies

Adult IV

Teacher: Gary Schatz
Location: A-211

Men's Class

Teacher: Ron Sneed
Location: A-212

Adult II

Teacher: Lynn Cole
Location: A-213


Teacher: Paul Adams
Location: A-214 (Choir Room)

Adult V

Teacher: Mark Davis
Location: A-301

Abundant Life

Teacher: Terry Martin
Location: A-302

Our Journey 2

Teacher: Robert Hartness
Location: A-303
Note: Parents with elementary age kids


Teacher: Ken Robinson
Location: Sanctuary

Lydia's Circle

We are a group of ladies of all ages and all walks of life that meet to have fellowship and pray together. We have a time to connect over some yummy snacks and a devotional by someone different at each meeting. Having two worship services means you don’t always know who you go to church with, so Lydia Circle is a great place to meet those ladies you might not normally worship with or go to Life Group with. It is also a place you can share your burdens and prayer requests. At the end of each meeting we have a time where we circle up in prayer and bring those needs to God. Lydia Circle meets on the second Tuesday night of each month at 7pm in the Life Center Annex.


The word GROW stands of God Rewards Our Works. The grow team is a great outreach ministry here at East Union. If you would like to serve on this outreach team by sharing the gospel, contacting guests and/or reaching out to members please contact our Outreach Pastor, Dennis Holmes.

East Union Grief Class

  • Dates: May 2nd-June 27th
  • Location: The Shop
  • Teacher: Jaycob Kramer

Grief and bereavement are very difficult times in life. The word "loss" is oftentimes used when speaking about death, grief, bereavement, and mourning. The reason is, there was something in our lives that we had (felt like we possessed it) but now it is gone. The loss can be the result of death, miscarriage, divorce, custody battles and much more. The questions then becomes how do we cope (or deal with) loss? What does God say about loss? What provisions has God given us to help us during loss? How can we see loss through God's eyes? How long should we grieve (cry)? These questions are important and we will attempt to answer them all. If you or a loved one is struggle with loss, please get signed up for this class today. You can sign up by completing the form below.

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Summer University
May 23-June 27 // 6:30-7:30pm

Bible Study Classes

(501) 888-2633
20422 N Springlake Rd. Hensley, AR 72065